Certificate in Home Use Homeopathy – H.Hom.
(Available in 2019)

Learn how to use homeopathy in your home. Take care of yourself, your family, your friends and your animals. A Certificate in Home Use Homeopathy (H.Hom) is awarded when all requirements of the course are completed. Graduates may use the designation, H.Hom. after their name signifying their Certificate in Home Use Homeopathy from the Lotus Health Institute.

Requirements for Completion:

1.    24 live / audio class documented hours taught by institute teachers.

      Homeopathy 101 (8 Hours)

      Homeopathy 102 (8 Hours)

      Homeopathy 103 (8 Hours)

2.    36 home-study audio lecture course hours:

Homeopathic Prescribing Audio Course (12 hours): History and principles of homeopathy. Homeopathic prescribing methods including case taking and case management, potency selection and repetition of dose. Various schools and levels of homeopathic prescribing are reviewed. Comparing Hahnemann and Kentian prescribing methods, including, acute, chronic, constitutional, LM, psychological, autopathic and materia medica.

Emergencies & First Aid Audio Course (12 hours): Introduction to homeopathic emergency prescribing. Topics include the treatment of injuries, sprains, wounds, allergic reactions, food and chemical poisoning, animal and insect bites. Differentiates, that enhance the symptoms, the use of remedies for burns, sunstroke, frostbite, dehydration, physical and emotional shock. Also, acute pain, broken bones, surgery, drug overdose, coma, and asphyxia.

Acute Prescribing Audio Course (12 hours): Acute Prescribing History and Principles of Homeopathy. Acute prescribing methods, case taking and case analysis, potency selection and repetition of dose. Various schools and levels of prescribing, comparing Hahnemannian prescribing versus Kentian. Signs of health, vitality and vital force. How to use your home remedy kit for sore throats, ear infections, influenza, colds, coughs and fevers. Herpes, vaginitis, sinus infections, cystitis and the vaccination issue are reviewed.

3.    Copies of homeopathic notes taken from audio courses and classes, turned in for review, handwritten or emailed. Photos of the notes may be emailed or sent in an electronic file.

4.    Five-page research paper on a approved topic pertaining to homeopathy.

5.    Five written, documented case studies.

6.    Verbal and written knowledge of how to make and duplicate a remedy.

7.    Program Completion Form – Each student must have a completion form/checklist, this form represents the completion of all 60 credit hours of homeopathic study and all necessary requirements for your certificate.

You will receive a certificate signed by Robin Murphy, ND.
Total Hours for the Certificate = 60

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