Certificate in Clinical Homeopathy – C.Hom.

(*8 modules, 40 Audio Seminars, 10 Books – 500 hours)
Home Study, Self-Paced Education
2-3 Years to Complete

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The Clinical Homeopathy Certificate Course is a comprehensive study of homeopathic philosophy and practice. The 500 hours required for the Certificate in Homeopathy (C.Hom.) from Lotus Online Courses may be completed through a home study of the Audio CD Seminars on-line. These seminars on homeopathy and natural health are designed for those who wish to learn module by module in a systematic manner. There is help and guidance is included in this program.

The LHI Clinical Homeopathy Certificate Course offers extensive studies in acute and chronic problems, LM potencies and water dilutions including Homeopathic pharmacy, treating acute and chronic problems, as well as case analysis and case management. Although testing is not included as a mode of evaluation, specific requirements must be met to obtain a certificate.

Requirements for Completion:
1: Application must be completed in full and paid online to get an entrance login to the program. If you have previously applied and would like to transition to online, please call our office at (276) 694 – 3650 or send an email to LOC@lotuswellnesscottage.com 

2: Complete 500 credit hours through the homeopathic audio seminars as well as attendance at live seminars or approved special credit hours.

3: Verbal and written knowledge of how to make and duplicate a remedy. (If you are an H. Hom. Graduate you can skip this requirement.)

4: Research Paper – This paper may be on any aspect of homeopathic philosophy, history, practice or research. This is an opportunity for students to acquire special knowledge and training in areas that interest them and would apply to a future practice of Homeopathy.

5: Remedy Project – (Homeopathic Pharmacy) Creation of a new remedy from native raw materials. Knowledge of local herbs, plants, trees and shrubs is an important part of any homeopathic practice.

6: Case Histories – Ten typed homeopathic case studies with evaluations and follow-ups. Acute or chronic cases can be submitted.

7: Program Completion Forms – Each student must have all module completion forms/checklists, these forms represent the completion of all 500 credit hours of homeopathic study and all necessary requirements for your certificate.

8: Certificate Granted – Notification of Graduation will be sent and the Certificate in Homeopathy, C.Hom. will be granted from the Lotus Health Institute signed by LHI Instructors, Judith Toscano, ND, Robin Murphy, ND.

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